For many transgender women Facial Feminisation Surgery or FFS for short, is necessary to help with symptoms of gender dysphoria. Sometimes this is more important to people than having Genital surgeries in reducing dysphoria, this is often because the face is the first thing people see. Cisgender Women also undergo FFS when they feel their features are too masculine.

Mr Vahidi specialises in altering male appearing features and creating a more feminine shape and size to the face. Changes to features on the upper part of the face have a bigger overall change, along with more subtle changes to the lips, jawline and chin.

Facial feminisation surgery can involve a combination of all or some of the below procedures. Everyone is different and Mr Vahidi can discuss with you all the options available to you. We offer FFS procedures for a individual cost price or a combination of procedures for a package price, please enquire with our team for more information,