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Rolling hills with a rainbow for the journey

With the NHS overloaded and in a state of disarray, waiting times for transgender patients have become a catalyst for additional stress and the well-being of many.

This has opened up a pathway for the private sector to offer assessments and procedures for trans patients. Social media is littered with complaints from patients about both NHS and Private wait times, and ignorance of communications, leaving patients in the same dilemma as the NHS except that they are paying for it in the private sector.

Mr Ardeshir Vahidi believes that a patient's needs in surgery, both in sickness and in health; be it cosmetic, medical, or gender affirmation, are only met by working with the patient in body, mind, and soul. A holistic view of the whole person.

All too often patients are treated as a problem and not as a person. Life is a journey and yet in the UK today, trans people are stuck in a cul-de-sac of long wait times and having to live with continual anxiety and depression, whilst desperate for appropriate care and longing for hope for the future.

If you think you’re lost, just follow the river.

C.E. Ricci, Follow the River

Meeting and working together with trans people in London, Mr Vahidi has been inspired to offer his services to patients in private healthcare; to help them achieve the best possible outcomes together. This inspiration from patients who want him to do their surgery; and their expressions of feeling safe, valued and comfortable, have been a driving force for him to try his utmost to make a difference. He will be transparent, caring, and helpful as you take this journey together.

He aims to ensure that he will not agree to help more patients than he can realistically assist promptly. All too often there are long waiting times due to services being oversubscribed but he will be honest and open about realistic timescales in his communications with you.

As part of his commitment to you, he offers a 'free of charge' video call. As an opportunity for you to chat with Mr Vahidi and get a feel for what he has to offer you before spending money on full consultations.

There is no better articulation of the trans journey than Abigail Thorn's video below. It needs maximum exposure. It demands serious consideration and challenges the whole ethos of NHS healthcare for trans people.