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Mr Ardeshir Vahid1 n Bucarest
Mr Vahid with patient waking from anaesthesia
Mr Vahidi at plastics congress in Bucharest
Mr Vahidi in scrubs pre-op
Mr Vahidi with Professor Ion Lascar Bucharest
Mr Vahidi marking a patient for blepharoplasty

With over 30 years of experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgery Mr. Vahidi has vast experience in his specialist practice. A pioneer in helping other specialties with complex surgical procedures, he has helped patients regain dignity, mobility, and far more with plastic reconstruction.

You could say he acquired a very ‘particular set of skills’. Throughout his career, he has done breast surgeries for cosmetic, cancer, and gender Top Surgery within the NHS and privately.

He recently worked at The London Transgender clinic for 3 months and in that time he connected with patients where needs were met far beyond the cosmetic with Top Surgery. He found himself in a place where his philosophy, which he coined in 2003 ‘psychoaesthetics’, was part of his daily practice, helping patients connect to body, soul, and mind through consultation and surgery.

The consultation process is not merely a paper exercise and ticking boxes. For Mr. Vahidi it is about making the patient feel comfortable, alleviating anxiety, and understanding patients' needs and their expectations for surgery and what will happen.

Transgendercare came into being because Mr Vahidi wants to do far more than just surgery in the private sector. He wants to help patients on their journey to living their best life and establish a centre of excellence for their future.

Mr Ardeshir operates with practising privileges at two London hospitals


The Fitzrovia Hospital

13-14 Fitzroy Square



Telephone: 0207 034 3300

Email: enquiries@fitzroviahospital.com

The London Welbeck Hospital

27 Welbeck St

London W1G 8EN 

Telephone: 020 7224 2242