Cisgender males tend to have larger, wider and more square chins whereas with cisgender females then chin is pointed outwards more. The chin can be made smaller by shaving down the bone, the jaw can also be reshaped with surgery. There are non-surgical options that Mr Vahidi might suggest you try first before committing to this surgery. 

Benefits - Affirmation and greater self esteem. Among others with the new found confidence. 

Risks - Some of the risks can include scarring and nerve damage.  

In the rare case that revision is needed, this can be discussed with you. Most cases go very smoothly without any problems.

A 24/7 phone number will be provided to you should you have any worries throughout your recovery

Surgery Time
Surgery Time

1-2 Hours

Off sick
Time Off Work

2-3 Weeks

Hospital Stay
Hospital Stay



Next Day

Walking Exercise

Same Day

Heavy Exercise
Full Exercise

4-6 Weeks

Compression Garments
Compression Garments


Prone Sleeping
 Prone Sleeping

45 degrees for 2 week

Making Love
Sexual Activity

4-6 Weeks

Full recovery
Full Recovery

6-12 Weeks


1 Week

Air Travel
Air Travel

4 Weeks

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