Hairline Lowering

In Cisgender males the hairline is often higher than a cisgendered female and have sometimes receded in the corners. hairline lowering surgery can be used to bring the hairline down and create a more rounded shape, this can give a very feminine appearance. You will be reviewed the morning after your surgery. Then at 5 and 10 days, following this at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6months and 1 year.

Hairline lowerings starts at £9500, available at reduced pricing as part of a FFS package. (please enquire with our team)

PRP can be beneficial for increased hair growth and volume, especially at the incisions. We advise having a course of at least 3 following a hairline lowering.  

Benefits - Affirmation and greater self esteem. Among others with the new found confidence. 

Risks - Some of the risks can include scarring, changes in sensation and in some rare cases hair loss. Washing your hair everyday with a non-perfumed shampoo is essential for a healthy recovery. 

In the rare case that revision is needed, this can be discussed with you. Most cases go very smoothly without any problems.

A 24/7 phone number will be provided to you should you have any worries throughout your recovery

Surgery Time
Surgery Time

1-2 Hours

Off sick
Time Off Work

2 - 3 Weeks

Hospital Stay
Hospital Stay



Next Day(washing hair frequently)

Walking Exercise

Same Day

Heavy Exercise
Full Exercise

6 -12  Weeks

Compression Garments
Compression Garments


Prone Sleeping
 Prone Sleeping

45 degrees for 2 weeks

Making Love
Sexual Activity

6 Weeks

Full recovery
Full Recovery

6 - 12 Weeks


2 Weeks

Air Travel
Air Travel

4 Weeks

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